Would you like to sell wholesale?

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1Above what is wholesale?
In the minimum purchase of 25 pieces it is considered wholesale and you can choose the models you like.
2Do you have shipping worldwide?
Yes, depending on your area, it is the cost of the shipping that we handle mex post or the parcel that you like and you are affiliated we have UPS, Fedex, DHL, these parcels have express delivery and it could take at least 2 avile days Mex post takes 10 days to ship and its price is 50% less than those mentioned.
3What is the cost per zone?
(weighing 20 kilos max) (35 medium bags weighing 400 gr - 500gr)
4What products do you handle?
5What material is?
Recycled plastic from pet bottles with aluminum accessories for bag closures.
6What special prices do you handle?
We handle special prices above 25 bags, this would be wholesale and special prices above 150 bags.
7What are the measures?
We handle a variety of sizes and their measurements may have minimal variation.
8How to choose my bags?
Fill out the form and we will contact you via email, otherwise we manage WhatsApp where we will send you our stock of bags and products that you need there. We make a video conference so that you can choose your favorite bags and make the shipment by transfer.